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A book for kids! The Caterpillar that became Enlightened.

(Proceeds support at at-risk children receive mentoring by Big Brothers Big Sisters)

Darryl Diptee

Darryl Diptee

Naval officer, Author, Speaker, Coach

I am an active duty US Naval officer who has spent over 20 years collecting wisdom from various parts of the globe with which I authored …   — Read more…

Proceeds help provide inmate mentoring and coaching

(Proceeds help inmates receive counseling and training via the non-profit,

The Caterpillar that became Enlightened

Enjoy this sample narration of my new children’s book that teaches about the true state of happiness in life.

Winning Wars with Empathy

As I prepare for my next speaking engagement on a TEDx stage, please feel free to reach out to ask questions or share ideas!  What’s your favorite TED Talk?

Breaking the prison cycle

Proceeds from my latest book, Free Your Mind, will directly support the coaching, training, and mentoring of inmates so that they are better prepared for a new life upon release. Click below to learn more about Un-loop or to become more involved with their mission.

The Wambuzi Village Project

My latest and most audacious Design Thinking project to date will empower a remote Zambian village of 5000 people by helping them tap into an abundant yet overlooked natural resource: cassava.

Design Thinking & the village of Wambuzi

A sailor and a doctor walk into a bar - no, it's not the beginning of a bad joke, it's actually the beginning of something quite beautiful. It was by sheer coincidence that I got to know my Zambian friend, Selemani.  He was looking for a table for his family in a...

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Why I teach prisoners to code

During the Seattle Interactive Conference (#SIC16) David Almeida inspired the audience with a frank and open discussion about an amazing program his group (Unloop) is spearheading that teaches inmates software coding skills. Unloop has stumbled upon an incredibly...

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The trouble is, you think you have time.

After seeing this meme a friend sent this message right before take-off on a flight to Seattle: “Interesting.  I’m not sure what that means.  Not to be difficult but when I read it I know I have time.  Even if it’s 5 minutes. I’m ready for my after life.  How do you...

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