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Obsessed with escaping a life of unhappiness, Sumi risks it all and gets everything a caterpillar could ever want. But even with every imaginable pleasure at her disposal, she’s still not happy! Can Sumi ever find a source of happiness that never ends?

Many children today believe that fame and fortune are the only pathways to happiness. This book shows that even if every desire is achieved in life, happiness can still be elusive. Many adults who know this important life lesson struggle to easily articulate the concept with their children. Sumi’s story of transformation into a joyful, awakened butterfly will resonate deeply within young children who strain to find meaning and fulfillment in a profit-driven, egocentric world.

1 review for 10 Copies (BULK ORDER): The Caterpillar that Became Enlightened

  1. Consuelo Staton

    The story was very sweet and relatable to a child’s wonderment. The illustrations were beautiful and the language was genuine. I will read this to the little ones in my social circle. Adults can also benefit from the story as a parable. Enjoy it.

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