3 Reasons to Unplug from the Insanity

The noise is poisoning your life

For possibly your entire life you have been completely bombarded with “advice”, “warnings”, and “news” in attempts for your family or the media to grab your attention like a screaming baby. It’s in your social feeds, on the T.V. and radio, in magazines and billboards …. it’s EVERYWHERE. You’ve been surrounded by it for so long in fact, that you probably barely even notice it.

But you know what? That’s totally OK.

Because each of us are on a journey to the same place and life’s navigation system offers multiple paths to that singular destination. Some people take the 20 or 40 year route, a journey that requires painful events to beat them into awareness with massive pain the same way the blacksmith strikes the hot iron from the furnace. Then there are others who get to the destination earlier in life, and are able to fully enjoy the human experience of the passage of time. One way to accelerate your life’s journey is to unplug from the insanity.

Unplugging means creating a healthy environment that supports your mental, physical, and spiritual growth. Still not convinced? Here are 3 reasons why you should consider unplugging from a noisy, crazy world.

3 Reasons to unplug from the insanity.

1. The noise is poisoning your life

You are a fish in water, unable to conceive the existence of flying among the clouds.

Saturated by toxic noise of life, you are unaware that it exists. You wake up feeling fat, ugly, unaccomplished — should I go on? This is unfortunate, because the effects of a negative mental environment that subtly convinces you that you’re not good enough is a huge factor in why you’re so unhappy with life. It is the very reason why you’ve failed to grow, and because of this, when challenging life events occur, you will go off the deep end and then wonder, “Why me?”

You can’t solve a problem that doesn’t exist (to you).

Just like the fish who looks up through the surface of the water on a clear day and sees blurry white puffs against a blue background, you too are sensing that there has to be more to life than what society has conditioned you to accept as true. You might be sensing it as a painful dead-end life, career, or relationship, but deep down you’re yearning for more quality over quantity. Not better stuff or titles, but deeper and more fulfilling experiences. To see the clouds, the fish must first un-know what it thinks is true. Thus the process of unlearning begins by creating an environment that allows you to perceive the poison that has kept you sedated for so long now.

2. You deserve to be happy.

Yes. It’s true. You’ve possibly been in an unhappy place for so long now that a good day is the numbing of pain with temporary hits of pleasure.

Your happiness shouldn’t be something that comes and goes like happy hour.

You deserve TRUE happiness, the kind that’s so intimately embedded that you’re filled with warmth and a sense of completeness for simply being alive. This pure type of happiness originates from deep within the heart, has nothing to do with external triggers, and cannot be taken away from you.

The noise of life creates confusion in our minds, leading many people to conclude that society’s acceptance is the pinnacle of a successful life. So they dedicate many years to the acquisition of money, power, and material things in hopes of being deemed worthy of social acceptance. In the end, however, it’s all for nothing:

No amount of love from the world will ever make you happy, if you do not already love yourself.

Unplugging from the noisy world allows you to finally gain perspective on life’s most valuable assets. It’s not the things society has told you to acquire, it’s the things that has no price tag and cannot be bought or sold.

3. time is running out.

Newsflash: You are going to die soon. Whether it’s 50 seconds or 50 years from now is truly irrelevant.

Do you remember your 10th birthday? It’s as though you blinked once and now you’re 20, 30, or maybe even 60, isn’t it? How many blinks do you have left before your body dies?

If death is scary to you, then use that fear to unplug from the noise that has kept you asleep for so long. When you embody the truth of how fragile and temporary life is, it becomes clear that every moment of life is a miracle that should not be wasted in a mental comatose.

How sad it would be if your life ended without having experienced what it meant to be truly happy.

But you know what? It unfortunately happens each and every day. People take their last breaths having never truly lived.

Don’t be one of those people. Take the necessary steps to unplug, declutter, and detoxify your life now, so that you may one day jump out of the ocean and soar among the clouds.

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