Hey there! So, I’ve worn a bunch of hats in my time—right now, I’m a hubby, dad, deep-thinker, old-sailor, writer, chatterbox, and just a generally cool dude.

I’m on this quest to spruce up our world a bit before I die by mixing fresh ideas, people power, and a dash of humanity to tackle those big, gnarly issues out there.

Ever meet someone who can hear a song in the midst of a cacophony? That’s my superpower. I spot connections between the wildest things—like that intense year I spent deployed in Iraq, that time I trekked across India to catch some wisdom from the Dalai Lama, or even just chit-chatting with cool folks like you. Peel back the layers, though, and at my core I’m just a regular guy trying to find some inner Zen.

As I’ve wandered around the globe, I’ve picked up stories and met amazing souls, each offering a fresh take on this wild ride we call life. I’m open to swapping tales with you—your challenges, victories, and everything else in-between.

We all know life’s fleeting, but it hits different when you *feel* it, you know? But hey, since we’re all stuck on this planet-sized spaceship, zooming through the cosmos, let’s make our moments count. What do you say?

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