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Active Military: Dominate the VA Disability Claims Process

A Comprehensive Guide for Active Military to Maximize their VA Medical Benefits to the Fullest Extent of the Law.

Active US Military Members: Taking this course may earn you as much as $1 million in tax-free, VA medical benefits (during your lifetime) regardless of rank, branch of service, or time in service.

If you or someone you know is in the US military, then this course is highly recommended because when it comes to applying for VA medical benefits, what you don’t know CAN and WILL hurt you!

It’s difficult to exaggerate the importance of knowing how to properly navigate the complex process of qualifying for Veterans Affairs medical benefits. Those who blindly go through the application process thinking that the VA will help them get the benefits and medical care they deserve will surely be disappointed.

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Here are some very important things to remember for all active duty military members:

  • The VA IS NOT THE MILITARY. Regardless of how many awards you have, or how high ranking you are, if you do not follow their complex rules exactly and in a timely manner, then you lose out on precious medical coverage and compensation.
  • Laws have been passed to ensure that you have LIFETIME medical coverage and benefits for any military-related health ailments. You may feel OK  when you leave the military, but it is not uncommon for military-connected medical conditions to emerge 5, 10, or 25 years down the road.
  • It is MUCH easier to prepare for VA Benefits BEFORE you leave the military. Once you’re a civilian, getting the VA to modify your file is a painful administrative experience.

Take advantage of the information in this course and arm yourself with the knowledge to get the most out of your VA medical benefits.

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