The Caterpillar that became Enlightened

The Caterpillar that became Enlightened
by Darryl D. Diptee

Obsessed with escaping a life of unhappiness, Sumi risks it all and gets everything a caterpillar could ever want. But even with every imaginable pleasure at her disposal, she’s still not happy! Will Sumi ever achieve a happiness that never ends?

Many children today believe that fame and fortune are the only pathways to happiness. This book shows that even if every desire is achieved in life, happiness can still be elusive. Adults who learned this important lesson the hard way still struggle to easily articulate the concept with their children. Sumi’s story of transformation into an awakened butterfly will resonate deeply within young children who strain to find meaning and fulfillment in a profit-driven, egocentric world.


“Within you is everything you need; hold on to that and let go of everything else.”
– Sumi, Page 39 

Many of today’s children are trapped in destructive patterns of seeking external pleasures in exchange for internal happiness. This is the story of a baby caterpillar named Sumi and her life journey to find everlasting happiness. The story unfolds in a gentle, loving way that reveals age-old wisdom about the search for happiness to modern kids. The story begins at Sumi’s birth when she asks simple questions whose answers have eluded many for millennia: “Who am I and why am I here?”

At first she is focused on acquiring food for survival and temporary happiness, but she soon concludes that must be more to life than mere survival. By facing her fears and leaving her comfort zone, she risks it all and climbs a tall tree to find all the pleasures of life: leaves, water, and sunshine. She tells her friends on the ground about the tree tops but is unable to shake them from their fears of the unknown. So she makes a sad, tough, but very mature decision to move on without them so she can live the life she always wanted.

Sumi meets other likeminded, progressive caterpillars in the treetops and loves her new life; that is, until one day she realizes that deep within her was a sense of emptiness. Even with everything she ever wanted in life, she still wasn’t happy. When external pleasures failed to fill her internal emptiness, she decided to search inward for the solution to her problem.

As Sumi escapes shallower patterns of happiness and unhappiness for something deeper and more meaningful, she discovers sage-like insights that children can apply towards personal growth in their own lives. This beautifully illustrated, full-color story will plant powerful seeds of hope, love, and peace within the minds of children at an early age.

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