In the movie of life, you’re the director

Have you ever wondered why someone might immediately cringe at the very thought of an insect while smile when presented with a gift or bouquet of flowers? If not, you wouldn’t be alone.  Such auto-experiences are so deeply embodied that most people don’t even ponder such questions.

The example given is extreme, but an important one none-the-less.  It “makes sense” that people cringe at bugs, after all they may be poisonous or may release a painful sting. And flowers? Their colorful petals and pleasing scent are enough to make most people smile. But why?

Some might say that people are evolutionarily wired for survival.  For example, a young child instinctively quickly pulls her hand away after touching something hot without anyone having to teach that lesson to her.  After all, the makeup of our biological nervous system works pretty much the same way as animals’ and hasn’t changed much in the last several thousand years. It has worked well to keep our species safe from saber-toothed tigers, but unfortunately it also works extremely well protecting us from saber-toothed tigers that only exist in the mind.

Truth is, you experience reality in your mind long before you interact with the outside world. For example, if you think that the online profile of your blind date looks like a huge flop, there’s a really good chance you’ll nit-pick at their every word and action during the date to make sure outer experiences match your internal subconscious ones.

What many people don’t realize is that their experience of reality is merely their mind’s projection of internal assumptions, expectations, and beliefs onto the outside world.  A common example is a person who believes that the world is out to get them.  He typically projects such thoughts and beliefs onto the people around them and sees everyone as a potential threat. Another typical example is someone who believes they’re going to fail no matter what.  Regardless of how incredible life works out in their favor, they always find a way to self-sabotage under a ruse of fear-based reason.

Think about it – why are Monday mornings bad? Or flat tires? Or rainy days? They are not. We are the ones who use our minds to project such negative, disempowering meanings onto otherwise neutral events.  For example, a super nova is an exploding star that represents one of the most violent occurrences in the universe, yet we look at pictures of them and are filled with awe.  We remain speechless and are inspired by their beauty and what they mean about our short lives on earth.

If a violent super nova that could obliterate all life on Earth in an instant can positively inspire you, then certainly fixing a flat tire in the rain on your way to work on a Monday morning can as well!

You have been granted a wonderful gift of a human mind that is quite possibly the most powerful and advanced tool in the universe.  Your mind is a tool that can be deliberately used to better experience the world just like your arms, legs, and eyes.  But know this: Your mind will be filled; regardless of if you deliberately fill it with positive, empowering, loving knowledge about the world, or if you let others fill it for you with negativity. So I urge you to be very selective about who or what you allow to influence your mind.

Take control of your mind and you take control of your reality … and the next time you get a flat tire – smile! Because this truly is a beautiful life.

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