Invisible prison of the unconscious mind

To be imprisoned in the unconscious is to be shackled by delusion of an ego-self.  This prison has no walls and the prisoners within it claim to be free – but in reality, they are not in control of their minds, nor are they exhibiting free will.  Just as a piece of driftwood only has one choice to flow downstream, so does the unconscious prisoner have but one choice to react according to the pre-programmed memory of the ego-self.  This type of living is not freedom; it is mechanically and reliably predictable behavior that is done under the pretense of choice.

True freedom requires the elimination of the ego-self and any demarcation between the “you” and the “I”.  Once this is done, the prisoner is finally freed from the unconscious comatose and active participation in reality can begin.  Eliminating the ego eliminates the victim, the sufferer and the doer.  In this conscious reality you are simply a witness who experiences life in the present moment, liberating oneself to make decisions without harmful memories of the past or threatening expectations of the future.  This is true freedom; this is what it means to be in control of your mind.

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